While a juvenile boot camp may seem on the surface to be an excellent place for your child to learn proper beahvior, especially if you’ve been to military boot camp and seen the difference it makes in your life and your outlook, there’s a hidden problem in the process that can make it a truly horrible choice.

In military boot camp, the graduates are expected to work for the training agency, and to produce valuable and correct results. It is critical, in a military situation, to produce not only soldiers but leaders from boot camp; to encourage the independent thought and strength of personality that go into leadership.

The analogy of a juvenile boot camp to a military boot camp is inherently incorrect, because while the disciplinary methods may appear similar on the surface, the intention of the program is very different.

The military has a vested interest in the quality of its graduates; from a recruit to a soldier is an arduous journey, which culminates in a well-disciplined individual who can handle the rigors and stresses of combat.

A juvenile boot camp, on the other hand, only produces someone who behaves as directed. It is not important for this person to display initiative, intelligence, or individuality; indeed, these things are difficult to manage, and a higher degree of uniformity is actively desired.

When considering these sorts of programs, it is worth examining whether you are actually just fed up with trying to discipline your own child. It can be difficult, and there are times that every parent wishes there was somewhere to send their child and stop worrying about it; with a problem child, these times are more frequent, and tend to last a little longer.

But when a boot camp isn’t appropriate, what can you do when you’re at the end of your rope and simply can’t get your child to behave?

The answer, of course, is to put some time and effort into one of the many programs available that can be implemented at home, such as James Lehman’s Total Transformation Program. While a juvenile boot camp is likely to have some effect on your child, it is hard to monitor that effect and see whether it is working.

There’s nothing wrong with feeling like you need help, and there’s nothing wrong with looking into the help options you have available. Certainly, for some children, a juvenile boot camp can work wonders… but for others, it can be destructive. Only you know which is most likely for your own child, and only you can make the decision that is best for your child’s future.

To learn more about alternatives to juvenile boot camp, I highly recommend The Total Transformation Program, by James Lehman.

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