It’s natural for parents to always want and give the best for their kids. We, as parents, would always worry what our kid’s future would be like, so we canít help but try and make their life as comfortable as possible. This is what we signed up for when we took the role of being providers for our children. But we should also remember that there has to be drawn limits between being caring parents and just mere spoon-feeders.

What our children learn from the lessons that life gives is the true measure of our success in being parents. So, when you feel that your kid has been having difficulty in facing situations or is having trouble in solving problems you need to intervene.

Parents should be aware that when kids fail at developing their problem solving skills they make up by showing bad behavior like being obnoxious or abusive to others. They do this because they don’t want to feel inadequate. If you can remember they gained these feeling of inadequacy because of their failure to solve problems. They compensate the feelings of inadequacy but in the process they develop low self-esteem. Their poor problem solving skills causes them to lack the self-esteem needed in order for them to try out solving new problems and face new challenges. In the long run, this is going to be a problem for your child and his future.

It doesn’t end there because if normal kids are in trouble, how much more are the ones with challenges or handicaps will be. They aren’t exempted from this. Which is why special children or impaired children shouldn’t be treated differently but instead they should be treated fairly like everybody else. They deserve that right of equality, not pity or worry or even false hopes. If you think about it the only free ride they’ll be getting is when they’re kids. But once they grow up, get a job and eventually have to live for themselves there isn’t going to be anyone to help them anymore.

Kids with impairments or challenges still have to obey the rules. They will still need to balance their jobs. They will still need to learn how to follow orders. They will still experience the pressures of life. As a parent, did you ever think they would be able to take in all these without difficulty? Of course they won’t. But you could at least help them by preparing them early. What if they were to break the rules, show bad or inappropriate behavior, or even abuse others? There is no excuse for rule-breaking even if you have disabilities, impairments or challenges.

Life isn’t always a bed of roses. It never has. So the best thing that every parent can do for their child is to prepare them for that. Parents should not be worried if their child is handicapped or normal because in the end it wont matter. All is fair and the sooner we help our kids learn how to properly solve problems on their own, the better. What they will learn from life gives us parents the added satisfaction.

Katherine Thompson, the author of this articles, encourages parents to check out for more discussions about low self-esteem development and behavior problems in children.

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