Child Obedience: Some Rules for Parents to Obey

Many parents complain how they can’t get their child to do this or that, or how “No!” seems to be the only word the child can say. They may even start viewing Child Obedience as impossible to foster at home.

If you count yourself as one of those parents, don’t feel so down. Getting children to obey you may not be as easy as 1-2-3; however, it is also not impossible.

Child obedience is achievable as long as parents commit to obeying several established rules themselves regarding the subject. Following this course of action may just silence the chaos at home and put an end to all your frustrations.

Let’s find out what these rules are.

Always expect compliance from the child. Show the child that you expect him to comply – and that there are no ifs or buts about it. There may be instances where you feel like reaching for your belt, but finding other creative, non-violent forms of punishment, like making him stand in a corner, is suggested. A child will learn to do what he is told when he realizes that complying is what you expect from him.

Be consistent. A child can become confused when you are not consistent. Do not ask him to pick up and return his toy to its proper place one day and then you go do it for him the next. Being consistent in enforcing your laws around the house will ensure compliance.

Don’t bribe the child. Never use money to make the child obey you. This will backfire soon enough; and you will find yourself having to pay your child to do things that were supposed to be expected of him in the first place. Let’s not even try to imagine how that could affect the child’s outlook of life.

Don’t be bossy or tyrannical. “Please” should always be part of your vocabulary when asking the child to do things. Asking the child – firmly at times – to obey you is one thing, ordering them around is another. That will hurt their feelings and breed resentment, and even foster rebellion later on.

Acknowledge and reward obedience. Whenever your child does something, like a chore for instance, let him know that you are pleased with him. A child actually likes getting acknowledgment for an accomplishment. It gives him a sense of fulfillment. Do not also forget to reward him with hugs or kisses.

Child obedience should be achieved the right way and for the right reasons. If a parent’s goal is just to get the child to obey and do whatever he tells him to, then he is missing the point. He may only be after convenience.

As a parent, you should bear in mind that in teaching a child to obey you, you are also teaching him to respect authority, to value family and to have the right attitude towards work and in dealing with other people.

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