Tips in Handling Defiant Kids

Often times the behavior displayed by Defiant Kids is hard for parents to understand. It can bring stress to the family and cause problems.

If you are tired of your daily struggle with defiant kids at home, you must try your best to understand what may be causing the behavior. Understanding always brings comfort.

When faced with defiant behavior, you must consider whether your child is just confused with the power structure at home.

Maybe they don’t understand why you have the rule-making power and they don’t. Maybe they don’t understand why you have to set limits and what it’s for.

Kids do feel at some point that they are equal to parents. That they are entitled to as much candy as they want, and to be able to stay up late.

Defiant kids are just children exhibiting some form of resistance to your authority, to your rules and codes of conduct. To them you are a kill-joy. A tyrant. Somebody who is “not fair!”

Looking at the problem from their point view can enlighten you about how their young minds see you as the rule-making power at home.

Take the time to sit down with your defiant kids and explain to them why you, as the parent, are the one in charge. Explain to them that because of their immature years, you have to take care of them. That it is your loving duty to provide for them, to keep them safe, and to have a roof over their heads.

However, take care to make them understand also that while they are living with you, there will be rules to follow… and consequences when they are broken.

Follow this up by explaining why you have to have those rules at home. Why it is for their own good.

Then stick to those rules. Don’t apply them in an on again off again manner. That will just confuse the children.

To be able show children that they won’t get away with rule-breaking no matter how they argue against it or try to wiggle their way out of it, you are teaching them the concepts of responsibility and accountability. These are two things they will thank you for later on.

Having the skills to be able to cope with defiant kids at home can serve you and your family well.

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