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An article on oppositional defiant disorder is our latest blog post. This article defines ODD and helps you recognize its symptoms in your child. The importance of early detection is stressed as ODD can only get worse as the child grows. Help yourself help your child by reading our post on ODD disorder now. Also, for more help in fighting ODD, we highly recommend the Total Transformation Program by Dr. James Lehman. (Check it out now since you can get it for free if you fill out a feedback survey.)

reform_schoolMany parents who can’t handle their children often send their kids to reform schools. But do they even know that they are making the right decision?

The first thing you have to realize before you go off and send your child to a reform school is that this institution is considered by your child as some kind of a prison. Sending your child away is a drastic measure on your part. You think that this course of action is needed, so you shouldn’t be shocked if your child shows animosity or hatred towards you. Don’t expect them to show gratitude for sending them to “prison”. Also, expect that the trust your child has in you will be totally shattered. He will feel betrayed.

Choosing a Reform School

The objective of reform schools is to keep your child in line. This means that they have very strict rules and practice severe punishment for those who do not follow those rules. There are many reform schools around the country and it is not easy to choose which one is good enough. There have been allegations that some schools actually use severe physical punishment when a child has misbehaved. You can’t even begin to imagine the impact this would have on your child. You might want to think about that for a while before making a decision. If there is even the slightest chance that your child’s safety is in danger, choose a different school.

One way of finding out that you are sending your child to a good reform school is to ask for references. Look for parents who have sent their children to that same school and talk to them. Listen carefully to what they have to say, their opinions, and experiences with that particular school. Ask them how their child is doing at the moment and maybe you can talk to their child so you could get more information.

However, it is not uncommon for children to revert to their old unruly ways when they get out of reform schools. The absence of strict rules and severe punishment causes them to go back to their old ways.

Alternative Methods

You have not been taught to deal with this kind of problem but this doesn’t mean that you can’t learn. You need to learn the parenting skills that could help you establish authority over your child. It doesn’t have to be harsh or ruthless like reform schools. Yes, there should be rules and these rules should be followed. There should also be punishment but perhaps not as brutal. The skills you need to learn are not hard. On the contrary, they are quite easy. But, in order for you to achieve positive results, you need to have constant interaction with your child. There are programs out there that actually work like The Total Transformation by James Lehman. He is highly respected Behavioral Therapist who once displayed oppositional defiant behavior when he was young. I highly recommend that you get your own copy now and see your child change his ways.

child_disciplineChild discipline is a crucial and emotional issue for parents of elementary children. We worry endlessly about our children misbehaving and how we should handle it. Constant behavior problems make us feel frustrated and angry. We detest having to punish our children. Learning how to efficiently discipline our children is an important skill that all parents must learn. Discipline is totally different from punishment. Instead, discipline has something more to do with teaching, and it involves teaching our children right from wrong, to respect the rights of others, and the difference between acceptable and unacceptable actions. Our aim is to help develop a child that will feel secure, loved, self-confident, self-disciplined and knows how to control his emotions & behavior. We want to raise a child that knows how to handle the frustrations and complications of everyday life.

Many of us need to learn better and more effective ways of disciplining our children. The kind of discipline that could help our child develop self-control and respect for authority. The two extremes of children that are spoiled, and those that are brutally disciplined, both face increased risk of emotional and behavioral problems. Just learning one new approach to discipline, as a parent, change our child’s development. If you are having problems disciplining your child, you should not berate yourself too much. Its far more important to remember to be flexible, and able to implement new ideas until something works. Remember that you may not be doing anything wrong. All children are unique and have different moods; therefore developmental levels and approach of discipline that may work with other children may not work with yours.

Children are unique and parents are no different. As you choose a discipline strategy, you’ll learn to adapt it so that it suits your family. Trying new ideas can be the most important skill you develop as a parent.

You should also understand that your behavior when disciplining your child will help to shape what your child sees as appropriate behavior. If you yield after your child repeatedly argues, becomes violent or has a temper tantrum, then he will learn, at an unconscious level, that you’ll always give in if he pushes hard enough. On the flip-side, if you are steadfast and consistent with sticking to your guns, then he’ll realize that it’s useless to fight with you.

Being consistent in your methods of discipline and punishment is the single most effective way to develop well-behaved children. This also applies to caregivers. Children will always to test their limits, and if you are inconsistent, you are encouraging more misbehavior.

Reminders about Discipline:

1. Stay calm and be patient. Never lose your temper in front of your child. Walk away if you are about to lose it.
2. Don’t give too much criticism, and keep it constructive. Nobody likes too much criticism.
3. Give praise, but avoid over-doing it.
4. Avoid dwelling on the bad behavior. Point out positive behavior and express how much you like it.
5. Never use physical punishment. This will only lead to resentment and hate.
6. Give rewards for good behavior, not only consequences for bad behavior.
7. Know the difference between rewards and bribes. Your child should do what is right because it is right and not only because he is being bribed.
8. Be a role model. Your child imitates you without consciously trying to. It’s simply natural behavior. So be aware of how you act.
9. Provide your child with a safe environment where he feels safe and loved.

If you are having serious problems in disciplining your kids, I highly recommend The Total Transformation by James Lehman. His methods are highly recommended by parents, and they deliver results.